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Spring course conditions

Greetings and thank you for visiting our Wolfdancer Golf Club website.  We are proud of our website and the photography of our golf course.
We have had a very busy spring and with the winter we had this year, our greens went dormant for the first time in several years and at this writing, May 1st,
many of the greens have not completely grown in.  Our evenings have been too cool to encourage bermuda growth as we need to maintain a 60+ degree ground
temperature.  We have remained agressive in chemical and fertilizer application along with verticutting and top dressing our greens every week.
Please contact the golf shop to find out current course conditions before making your golf plans with us.
See you soon,
Kelly O'Donnell, PGA Director of Golf Operations

575 Hyatt Lost Pines Road
Lost Pines, TX 78612
(512) 308-WOLF